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Take your content multi-channel

The secret of effective customer messaging is moving from reach and frequency to acquisition and retention. The aim is to give your customers the content they are looking for, where and when they are looking for it. Through its content flexibility, multiple channels and tracking, Flowent lets you meet your customers on their terms, enabling empowering exchanges with your brand, driving ongoing engagement and sales performance.

  • Marketers

    Marketing teams

    Marketing teams

    Drive customer engagement through new digital brand experiences designed and delivered according to real-time market intelligence.

  • Sales teams

    Sales teams

    Sales teams

    Build ongoing conversations with customers, delivering individualized, fresh exchanges again and again.

  • Customers



    Access the content and services that interest and help them the most, when and where they are looking for them.

Marketing Team Access

Go digital, go multi-channel,
stay relevant!

Create & import

Unleash your creativity! Whether it’s interactive HTML, video, imagery, charts or .pdf, Flowent can handle all the formats you need to bring key messages to life.

Review & publish

Go multichannel! Use your interface to easily import and simultaneously publish content to your different sales team channels.

Analyse & decide

Grow your customer empathy! With its capacity to track every single event and its easy connectivity to your chosen CRM system Flowent delivers insights to help ensure rich, relevant and valuable customer exchanges every time.


Keep control! Maintain a content library and withdraw your out of date content from the field at the push of a button.

Sales Team Access

Better equipped for
better exchanges!

Access & learn

Build your knowledge! From any tablet or from the web, easily access the latest content and training materials made available by your marketing team.

Schedule & prepare

Keep it personal! Import your client contacts and prepare your visits. From pre-determined sales scenarios to content pick-and-pack Flowent enables you to present key messages in whichever way is most effective, either in person or remotely.

Take stock & follow-up

Keep up the conversation! Follow up to your meeting by sharing the meeting content with your customer. Synchronize your visit data to your CRM so that next time you can pick up where you left off. Prepare the content of your next exchange.

Dynamic presentations

Anything can happen in the field! Internet connections come and go. Visit information, scenarios and resources need to be available at all times. Unexpected questions need answering. With Flowent you can store everything you need offline, and flip to it in a flash.

I’m sold on the idea, what about the practicalities?

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